2. Ask for a "To Go" Order at the Drive-Through

This very easy action can really annoy a person who works for barely any pay at the drive-through. It's actually ingenious and anyone can do it. So today, I'm offering a short explanation on how to pull it off exactly.

There are a couple of different ways to do this suggestion.

One way is to of course, order all of the food you want and while on the speaker, tell them you want it to go. Don't just blurt it out though. Say it like this "Uh, oh yeah, can I get this to go. Sorry for not mentioning that before." That way is probably the easiest way to do it. I can almost guarentee that they'll get annoyed.

Another simple way to do this is to forget to mention it on the speaker and when you hand them the money, say "Yeah, I forgot to mention I want this to go." Then madly say, "However, it is your job to ask so I'm kinda mad."

Told you this way was easy and simple to do. In no time, you will annoy everyone in the fast food business!

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