6. How to Annoy Everyone in an Elevator (Part 2)


Like I said in the previous post about annoy everyone on elevators, it really is simple and fun and almost never backfires! This is part two of the continuous series about how to annoy everyone in an elevator.

Being very easy to do, there are so many ways of actually annoying people in elevators.

One way of doing it would be to wait until the elevator is packed with people. Make your way to the back of the elevator. Then, just as the doors close, say, "Oh God, not now... motion sickness!" That would be a really good way to gross people out or just annoy people altogether.

Another good way to annoy everyone or scare everyone in an elevator is to be alone with someone you know in the elevator. Then as the doors open, quickly whisper to the other person "Someone's coming! Hide it quick!" Then just whistle innocently. That would definitely scare anyone walking in the elevator.

A hilariously good way to gross people out in an elevator requires a girlfriend or a girl who will make out with you. Wait until someone walks in then start making out with previously mentioned girl. Then have her secretly call your cell phone. Answer it and tell the phone you're just in an elevator with your sister. I can guarantee people would be grossed out!

A great way to annoy people is to start singing a very repetitive song over and over again. Also, stand behind random people and start sniffing them with long, loud breaths. Then as people start to notice, moan loudly.

It's great to annoy people in elevators, but be sure not to get beat up or start a fight.

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5. How to Annoy Everyone in an Elevator (Part 1)


Because this way of annoying people has so many ways to do it, I must explain it in parts. This is part one. Annoying people in an elevator is very easy and fun. You see new people every couple of seconds or so, so you always have new material to work with!

Check it out!

Okay, since there is so many ways to do this, I will post a couple of ways now.

A really good way to do this is to simply drop your pen. Wait until someone starts to pick it up for you and scream, "Hey, that's mine!" Another really good example of annoying someone in an elevator would be to simply count down from 100 out loud.

Also, you could try to give each passenger a round of applause every time they enter or leave the elevator. A way to freak people out is to say, "Did anybody hear a cable snap?" One of my personal favorites would be to pretend to have a seizure then right before the elevator door opens, get back up and act like nothing happened.

Another great example would be to start performing a Shakespeare soliloquy and whenever a new person walks in, start over from the beginning. A great way to mess with people is to scribble on a notepad while looking intently at someone. When they try to see what you're writing, hide the notepad.

There you go. These are just a couple of hundreds of ways to annoy people on an elevator. Part two is coming shortly!


4. Talk to People While You Are Using the Bathroom


Ha, I really enjoy doing this one. It usually only works for men, but if you wanna be really weird, I guess women can do it through stalls or someting. Anyways, this one is great to do because of the reactions and the look on people's faces. This is an in-depth guide on what to say and when to say it!

This one works really well because when people use the restroom, they want it to be personal time. Well, you're gonna rip the personal right out of their restroom time with this one.

First off, you must be at the urinal next to the person you're gonna start talking to. Start looking over, but not down! He'll be really weirded out. Say something cheesy like "Oh, nice weather," or other things like that. If he replies with a quick yes, prolong the conversation with something like "Man, this is taking forever." Start talking about how your peeing to really freak him out.

Another thing I really love to do is to exclaim things like "Damn, I got some on my hands," or "It's sprinkling everywhere!" Freak him out by saying "I don't want to be rude, but I believe mine's bigger..."

After all of this, I can basically guarentee he will be freaked out and/or think you're gay (Not that I have anything against gay people.) Overall, I would call this one of my favorites because you can keep doing it all day long.


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