1. Drink Milk/Juice Directly Out of the Container

This specific annoying suggestion is one of my all time favorites because of all the possibilities you can do with it.

For one, if you want to annoy and/or gross out complete strangers with this suggestion, simply go to the grocery store. While there, grab some milk or juice from the fridge and start drinking it right there on the spot. Make sure people are watching! Of course, after you do this be sure to buy it or risk getting in major trouble.

If you ever wanted to do this to your family, it's a different story. With your family, be sure someone is watching you while you do it. Keep the fridge wide open so none of you is concealed. This suggestion is actually pretty simple. I can guarantee people will get annoyed by this, especially if you eat onions or garlic right before.

The same rule above also applies to your roommates.

Added Bonuses:
If your sick, that makes it all the better.

If someone asks for milk/juice, right before you give it to them, drink from the container.

Backwashing is also a plus!

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