3. Write the Surprise Ending of a Novel on the First Page

This one is a good one to do if you want to stay anonymous. You can annoy random people at the library, who are most likely nerds anyway. Actually the title really explains the way to do it but I will go a little more in-depth.

Yeah, it's probably not fair of me to post such an easy short post on how to annoy a stranger. It's okay though! No, really it is. Today, I will be going in-depth on how to do this.

First and foremost, pick a very popular book. For example, back when the new Harry Potter book came out, you couldn't even find one at the library (I wouldn't know though...). Pick a book like that. If it's an older, less popular book, chances are less people are going to read it and you'll annoy less people.

After choosing a good, popular book, choose your words carefully. For instance, you can write "Wanna know something cool?" Then you can write the surprise ending to the book.

If you want, you can write something like "Ha ha, I just screwed you over." You know, make them feel bad.

Also, make sure to check out the book in someone else's name because they can find out who did it by checking who checked the book out.

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