6. How to Annoy Everyone in an Elevator (Part 2)

Like I said in the previous post about annoy everyone on elevators, it really is simple and fun and almost never backfires! This is part two of the continuous series about how to annoy everyone in an elevator.

Being very easy to do, there are so many ways of actually annoying people in elevators.

One way of doing it would be to wait until the elevator is packed with people. Make your way to the back of the elevator. Then, just as the doors close, say, "Oh God, not now... motion sickness!" That would be a really good way to gross people out or just annoy people altogether.

Another good way to annoy everyone or scare everyone in an elevator is to be alone with someone you know in the elevator. Then as the doors open, quickly whisper to the other person "Someone's coming! Hide it quick!" Then just whistle innocently. That would definitely scare anyone walking in the elevator.

A hilariously good way to gross people out in an elevator requires a girlfriend or a girl who will make out with you. Wait until someone walks in then start making out with previously mentioned girl. Then have her secretly call your cell phone. Answer it and tell the phone you're just in an elevator with your sister. I can guarantee people would be grossed out!

A great way to annoy people is to start singing a very repetitive song over and over again. Also, stand behind random people and start sniffing them with long, loud breaths. Then as people start to notice, moan loudly.

It's great to annoy people in elevators, but be sure not to get beat up or start a fight.

Read Part One here!

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